Imogen Heap – Just for now (live)

I’ve been thinking for half a day what should I start with… The answer popped out just before I got to the uni, when my iPod started to play astonishing live performance by Imogen Heap recorded at Studio 11 (Indie 103.1 FM).

This version of the song shows what Immi’s genuinely about: combining earthily powerful vocal with sophisticated technological arrangements.

Tracks on her latest album (‘Speak for yourself’) are so beautifully crafted that it’s hard to believe they can sound any better, especially when bearing in mind all the electronics that are involved, but this way of thinking turns out to be misleading.

Immi fills bytes with soul

Immi is the master of filling bytes with soul

Imogen uses her techno-toys really creatively, adding to ‘Just for now’ even more warmth and passion. Actually, it’s ‘only’ acapella version and it wouldn’t rise to a range of masterpiece if there weren’t all these devices behind it. However, the crucial thing is who controls them and Immi is the master of filling bytes with soul.

To be honest, that’s the most amazing and inspiring performance I’ve ever seen in my entire live.

    • Natalia Agata
    • October 7th, 2008

    Yeah! Great! I just can’t wait for the next note! Go on!

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