…and I’ll be your movie star!

This song definitely made my day right from the early morning! The double A-side maxi single (Movie star / Slave to love) is on its way – it will be released on 13/10. Róisín has also announced that she is planning to make a new music video for ‘Movie star’, which is good news to all those who were disappointed with the version she released some time ago (was it June? July?). To be honest, I was more than disappointed – I get the point that she wanted to make a really weird video with all those drag queens and lobster rape, but it lacked good taste that she is known for.

There are six remixes on upcoming CDM (maxi single), I particularly like these made by Junior Sanchez. His ‘lax mix’ doesn’t sound like a remix really, it’s rather more like soft electro pop version of the song. The other one is quite expanded and harder electro. I’ll post links as soon as remixes appear on Róisín’s remixed myspace or last.fm.

And for now, for those who haven’t seen it yet, here’s the original music video for ‘Movie star’.

Oh, I forgot to write anything about ‘Slave to love’ that makes the single DOUBLE single. Maybe because it’s nothing special, I mean – it isn’t bad, just… nothing special. You can listen to the song here.

  1. mmm, yes I didn’t like it either. which is a shame since “movie star’ is one of my favourits. but that might be just because I identify. head strong girl who won’t be told;)

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