Britney, Britney

Britney as a seductive waitress in 'Womanizer' video

I just want to let you know that next to more or less alternative artists, I’m also going to present mainstream stuff. Cause we all love massive pop hits, whether we admit it or not.

Britney is about to come back (again) with a new album, ‘Circus’, and I believe that this time she’ll make it. Last time her experiment with new haircut and performance on VMA were a total disaster for the promotion of ‘Blackout’. I really enjoyed ‘Gimme more’, but I wasn’t keen on listening to the whole album. A couple of weeks ago I gave it a shot and it turned out that ‘Blackout’ is a very decent pop (it has a horrible cover though)! I’ve checked who’s she working with on the new album and it seems that it’s promising a good material.

‘Womanizer’, the first single from ‘Circus’, will top charts for sure. Maybe it’s not Britney’s best, but it follows the trends. However, the video made for the track shows good ol’ Britney. It reminds me of ‘Toxic’ – it’s fast-paced, has lots of fancy-dressing and funny moments (Brit driving the car with her foot is my favourite). But Brit made a step further from ‘Toxic’ – in this video she’s not covered with shiny shiny diamonds, she’s covered with… sweat and is absolutely naked. I don’t know if it was necessary, but well – it’s going to sell.

click here to watch the video

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