I can remember Chylińska making her very first steps with a band called O.N.A. She was one of these dark and twisted rebellious weirdoes back then.

Few years later she leaves the band and has a spin-off band (simply called ‘Chylińska’), gives a birth to a son, writes ass-kicking, often harsh yet brilliant features in popcultural magazine ‘Machina’. The ‘new’ Chylińska is one my favourite public persona (‘celebrity’ doesn’t fit here at all). More recently, she’s become more gentle (but only a little bit) and feminine. I’m really curious how will her next music project sound.

Chylińska’s latest album was rather too hard for me, but surprisingly – as I’m not into hard rock at all – I couldn’t help listening to some songs over and over again. My favourite one is ‘Winna’ (‘Guilty’), leading single from the album of the same title, that is my  #1 song for last two weeks. Give it a try and watch the video:

The video is simple, but great as well, since Chylińska is charismatic as hell. As far as I know she was nominated for YACH award (Polish music video awards) for best creation.

If you wanna check out quite… erm… hardcore (yet cool) song by Chylińska – click here

  1. chylińska rządzi 🙂

  1. February 15th, 2010

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