Mirah / Lali Puna

Just a quick note today. Two artist I hadn’t known before my friends introduced them to me recently. I haven’t got to know them yet, but these two songs are really nice.



Mirah The Garden

Sounds a little bit like Waldeck, which is good as I adore that band (big thanks to Natalia & her Sister for showing me them!). Maybe it’s because of a muffled vocal. I also like the simple, heavy rhythm of the song.

Thanks to Magda for making me listen to the track!

(I couldn’t find any video for the track, so here’s an amateur one)

Lali Puna

Lali Puna

Lali Puna Faking the books

Playing with vocals is one of the things I like to hear in songs. Not much excitement goes with this track, but it has a mellow vibe, so sit back and enjoy.

This time ‘thank you’ goes to Tom.

And again, it’s not the original video.

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