What is the vibe of Róisín’s forthcoming album?

“It’s really kind of sleepy, synthesised vibe and it’s cool. The tracks that I did with Seiji are the spine of Overpowered, and I think if what I do is expand on what I did with Overpowered, or get deeper into it – then I think those are the kinds of sounds that I’ll be making.” that’s how Róisín Murphy describes the tone of her forthcoming album.

Seiji, the producer mentioned it Róisín’s quote, is a member of Bugz in the Attic and created ‘Overpowered’, ‘Movie star’ and most recently – ‘Slave to love’. I can still remember the thrill I felt while watching the stunning ‘Overpowered’ video for the very first time – I have instantly fallen in love with both the song and the video. If she only teams up with Andy Cato, a member of Groove Armada and producer of tracks such as ‘Let me know’, ‘You know me better’ and ‘Body language’, as well, then we may expect the best.

Let’s watch ‘Overpowered’ video now! It reminds me all the excitement about going at her first (!) gig from Overpowered tournee in Sopot…

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