What would you expect if I told you that Björk teams up with Thom Yorke, Matthew Herbert and Mark Bell to record a single? Well, I expected much more than that.

‘Náttúra’ is just as raw and aloof as the landscapes of Iceland that the single tries to protect by promoting Náttúra Campaign (it’s mainly about stopping the construction of foreign-backed aluminum factories in Iceland and promoting the local economy).

It’s a laudable thing to do, but I don’t find anything special about the song itself. I had to listen to the track a couple of times to get behind Brian Chippendaleon’s drums and I haven’t found a lot there after all.

    • ruby blue
    • October 25th, 2008

    well, i have to disagree. maybe the sound is not catchy at first, but so orignal! as Bjork herself. video is freaky (a few scenes very similar to Wanderlust, all made with same method i think) and scary. and the drums! i love the drums! so vibrant and lively!

  1. there’s no original video – the one I posted is a Bjork’s videos mash-up (including ‘Wanderlust’).

    • ruby blue
    • October 25th, 2008

    hehe, u got me there!

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