Sugababes – Catfights and Spotlights


Catfights and Spotlights


Sugababes’ previous album’s title, ‘Change’, was very adequate to what was happening to the band. ‘Babes were musically heading in new direction – less smart and sassy, more light and easy. But still, the album was quite decent. Just different than what they had done before. Personally, I like it the least from all their albums.

Since Mutya left the band, Sugababes has lost their unique spiciness. However, Amelle, the new Sugababe, is not the one to blame – she has amazing voice and fits into the group. Actually, there is no one to blame. The thing is that Sugababes are not nasty girls anymore – they have become classy young woman, or at least they want to be seen this way.

When I heard ‘Girls’, leading single from the sixth album, I was taken by surprise. Brassy, Ronsonesque style made the ‘Babes sound fresh again.

‘Catfights and Spotlights’ begins with the mentioned brilliant single and is followed by three songs with ultra-positive vibe reaching the top in ‘Hanging on a star’. ‘You on a good day’ has some ’60s flavour and is one of these songs that can make your day. Perfect opening. Then, there is ‘Slide chick’ – different from the rest of the album, a little bit dark, middle-tempo song that is an instant grower.

And then, the vibe changes.

The vast majority of the album is filled with ballads. Unfortunately, half of them is nothing more but average. ‘Sunday rain’ and ‘Unbreakable heart’ have annoying choruses, ‘Every heart broken’ and ‘Sound of goodbye’ are plain.

However, you can find some extraordinary ones as well. ‘Beware’, ‘Nothing’s as good as you’ and closing track, beautiful and moving ‘Can we call a truce’ (Amelle is amazing in chorus), are the album’s high spots.

All in all, Sugababes provided us some pop of high quality, however a few weak points appear on the ‘Catfights and Spotlights’ as well. ‘Babes are not as good as they used to be, but still they are far better then all the other pop bands. I am still a fan.

Top 3 tracks from the album: ‘Can we call a truce’, ‘Hanging on a star’, ‘You on a good day’

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