Sexiest music videos: Weird

Björk in 'Pagan Poetry'

Björk in 'Pagan Poetry'

Before I’ll present you today’s episode’s videos, I’d like to briefly explain what is the difference between ‘freaky’ and ‘weird’ in my opinion. Freaky-sexy music videos are – as you’ve probably noticed – vibrant and often funny. Weird-sexy clips show dark and twisted (like Meredith from GA) preferences, usually presented in a dramatic or bizarre way. Now, you know what to expect.

Björk Pagan Poetry

It’s almost porn. Right from the start with a suggestive shot of pearls. The pearl moulds poorly disguise pornographic close-ups of sex scenes (including fellatio) between Björk and her partner. But then the needle appears and the mood is, well, painful. If you can handle intimacy of that video you may also notice Björk’s amazing acting.

Tatu Ya Soshla S Uma

Two schoolgirls kissing in the rain, observed by a hostile crowd, surrounded by fences and gray walls. There was something appealing about video – the drama, the mystery, exotic Russian language, homosexual controversy. Quite a nice trick, but Tatu has overused it and become boring. I decided to post a remixed video not only to refresh the song a bit, but also to explore the darker vibe more.

Madonna Erotica

a photo from the 'Sex' book

a photo from Madonna's 'Sex' book

It is impossible not to mention Madonna’s scandalous ‘Erotica’. It’s mainly made of footage from making of ‘Sex’ book. If you ain’t too prudent you must see the book if you haven’t done it yet – it has lots of absolutely stunning photographs. In the video there are cameos from Isabella Rossellini, Naomi Campbell and Vanilla Ice. There’s not much I’d like to say about the video as it perfectly speaks for itself. Madonna is playing with boundaries, overcoming taboos and as usual she’s one step ahead.

    • Ola
    • November 17th, 2008

    Maciek it’s a pleasure to read your amazing thoughts…For me Bjork’s video is just perfectly breath taking.

  1. Thanks! Stay tuned, I hope you’ll find much more.

  1. March 18th, 2009

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