Indie glam

Hearts Revolution


I don’t know where Tom takes such bands from, but what I do know is that he should have regular features on this blog as he finds amazing tunes (if you read this post, it’s an official offer). Just like this one – ‘C.Y.O.A’ by HEARTSREVOLUTION.

The music video for this song is absolutely stunning and it represents something what I call ‘indie glam’ just perfectly. All these noises in the song reminds me of Crystal Castles, but I prefer this vocal to Alice’s one. And the melody in the ‘chorus’ is so great!

They look French, don’t they? MySpace says they’re from NY, but they must have some French roots to me.

    • Yeah
    • November 17th, 2008

    This is the worst shit ever. Crystal Castles are like God compared to this. Look up Courtship Dating or Crimewave.

  1. Well, that’s a strong opinion… First of all, I’ve never said that I am not familiar with CC – I really like most of their album (it is one of most interesting albums this year for sure).

    However, when it comes to shouting-singing I prefer a girl form HEARTSREVOLUTION than Alice from let’s say Crystal Castles’ ‘Alice practice’.

    So no offence whoever you are.

  1. February 23rd, 2009
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