Money note

CamilleThis is my favourite track from Camille‘s album ‘Music Hole’ that makes it to my top 3 this year. She sounds so fresh! But there’ll be more about Camille herself tomorrow – today I want to focus on this particular song.

First of all – what the ‘money note’ is? Here comes the Wikipedia with the answer:

“A money note is a music industry slang term which refers to a part of a live or recorded singing performance which is subjectively judged to be very dramatic or emotionally stirring. This is usually at a climactic point of a song or aria, in which the singer’s melody makes a large interval jump to the song’s highest note (…)

In pop music, the term is used because “money notes” on a CD help to ‘sell’ a song for a listener, and also because singers capable of performing these emotionally stirring passages are able to make income from the performance.”

As you might have guessed already, Camille’s ‘Money note’ is kinda pastiche song.

The songs starts with words imitating melody:

eu-ro, eu-ro, eu-ro…” then “rich-bitch-rich-bitch…” then “pounds! pounds!…” then ‘12″ inch!‘ (this is a vinyl single format)  and finally “dollar, dollar, dollar, dollar…

Now look at some lyrics extracts:

If Dolly Parton wrote it
and Whitney Houston stole it
[Camille means ‘I will always love you’]
if Celine Dion could reach it [‘My heart will go on’]
i’ll hit the money note
The money note !


I wanted to take it higher
i knew you would be amazed
I just want to beat Mariah
oh! let me deserve that raise

She aimed for F sharp seven
To take us all to heaven
And if she hits C eight
That would be really great
Yeah, The Money Note

In the end, Camille makes some awesome ‘money notes’! Ah, this is a powerful song exploding with pure energy and sharp comments on some divas – well done, Camille!

Here is the video (have I mentioned that she has really cool videos as well?):

    • yeah
    • November 25th, 2008

    i like this one

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