Sexiest music videos: Triply classy

Aaliyah in 'We need a resolution'

Aaliyah in 'We need a resolution'

Today’s episode is a tribute to Aaliyah. I have chosen three of her music videos that are feminine, sensual and classy, but they differ in kind of sexuality they emanate. We’ll see Aaliyah in three sexy creations: tomboyish, angelic and sinister.

Hot like fire
What is most important about Aaliyah is that she was so genuine. You can hardly find such artists these days… Let’s have a look at the video of one of my personal Aaliyah’s favourites. That’s a proper street party! Red colour plays a significant role here. It’s everywhere – on clothes, on fire trucks, in the air. Smoothly floating editing, sensual choreography and Aaliyah’s tomboyish yet feminine image – this all spices up the vibe. Perfection.
Notice cameos from other artists, especially from Timbaland and Missy Elliott – together with Aaliyah there were a dream team. (Sorry about the quality but it’s really hard to find a better one on youtube)

We need a resolution
Aaliyah reinvented her image with her third, self-titled album released in 2001. ‘We need a resolution’ was the first single. And here she is in this dark video where modern interiors with high-tech design mix together with jungle theme. Aaliyah appears in four different images: sinister vamp, futuristic girl, snakes friendly jungle goddess and a dancer reminiscing her previous style. The video is simply hypnotizing – I love every single frame!
Notice that Aaliyah shows no signs of fear when snakes, REAL snakes, are all over her!

Rock the boat
Aaliyah’s last video – actually, she hadn’t seen it as she died in a plane crush when she was coming back from the video set… Dancing on the huge catamaran by the beautiful Bahamas (the sky is real, they shot some scenes just after the dawn) is an amazing theme, so idyllic and sensual. However, the underwater scenes are the most memorable – Aaliyah looks truly angelic and knowing what happened a few hours after shooting them… Beautiful video.

    • Ola
    • December 1st, 2008

    I love Aaliyah we need a resolution! I completely agree.. she is a goddess in this video 🙂

    • Jess
    • August 30th, 2009

    Love Aaliyah, I really like your video reviews and interpretations 😀

    • thanks! 🙂 stay tuned for more – I’m not writing too much these days (=summer holiday), but I’m gonna fully return in late September.

  1. when looking for music videos, i always check out music videos with funny and sentimental content “

  2. Wow such an amazing angel that we got to touch all out hearts… beautiful in many ways not only beauty but her voice and persona… Still love you and listening to your music in 2011 and many more years to come… as they say the god’s favorites go earlier from this world… you carry on for al lgenerations to see and appreciate real music R.I.P baby girl! xx

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