In the meantime

immiThere is a song ‘Meantime’ that Immi released in 1999 somewhen between her debut album and Frou Frou. It was written for a soundtrack oto a British independent movie ‘G:MT’.

Angst-filled ‘Meantime’ produced by Guy Sigsworth is a pearl. Imogen’s amazing vocals married to airy d’n’b are a perfect couple.

If this wasn’t enough, there are these sad ice-cold lyrics:

you’ll only find out if this was love
once you’ve tried out another
you’ll only find out if this was love
caressing some other lover

so take my heart in the meantime

will the next love be the real one?

These lyrics (listen to them in full!) remind me of the movie ‘Closer’ somehow, if you know what I mean… All this emptiness and sadness that people want to get rid of by trying new casual relationships again and again just  to end up more confused and lonely.

The music video for this song has the vibe that suits the song just perfectly. Maybe it’s not the best video ever (remember it was made like ten years ago), but it has what it takes to develop the track’s sad creepy feeling.

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