Anthony Gonzalez - the mind and the body of M83

French group M83 creates music described as electronica/shoegazing/dream pop and I even though I don’t agree with labels that easily I have to admit that they actually sound like a combination of these three genres. I’ve listened to their latest album Saturdays=Youth a few times and I don’t find it as amazing as, for example, Pitchfork does (it was #8 in 2008 ranking), BUT there are two outstanding beautiful songs:

We Own The Sky

These synths are amazing! There is something about this track that makes you feel lighter. Like if you could just spread your arms and fly away. On the other hand, it is almost overwhelming. And when you already feel so good listening to this song, something else that make you feel even better appears – like additional backing vocals (3:31) or little cute sounds (1:30).
I don’t know if the video that I posted below is official, because there was a music video contest for this single, but it’s really good (I hope it won!).


And again – I just love these synths! There is so much space in the sound they create. The song itself has quite a simple structure, but it is often simplicity what is the key to perfection.

    • Ola
    • March 5th, 2009

    I love We own the sky. This video is great though there exists another one on Cheers :*

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