What are Basement Jaxx up to?

Basement JaxxSince Basement Jaxx were announced to join Open’er Festival line-up this year I have started to wonder if they are going to release a new album any time soon? I couldn’t find a satisfying answer on big music websites so I decided to do a little research on my own… And here I come with some great news! 

Amongst confirmed guests there is Santogold (oh, yeah!), Yoko Ono and a rap duo Yo! Majesty. Basement Jaxx also worked with Sam Sparro and Dev Hynes, but it is not sure if they are gonna make it to the LP as there are enough songs to fill three albums!

Basement Jaxx want to release a double album but…

“The double-album idea is a really, deeply unfashionable thing to do at the moment. The album is not a medium. It’s not relevant anymore. The way people listen to music is not the way I did when I was a lad. There has always been the side to us that does party music, which we’re known for, you know – Basement Jaxx, good-time party stuff. But for us, what is equally important and taking up just as much of our time and our thoughts has been more reflective music, more experimental, sometimes ambient mood music, music for the mind.

We’ve always done that and our albums have had party music sitting alongside songs like that … we’ve got an album’s worth of ‘up’ stuff and we’ve got an album’s worth of a soundscape. But whether we’re going to release a double album we still haven’t decided. I’d love to but I just don’t know if people have got the attention span for that any more.”

Well, ‘people’ would buy a CD so and so, and the fans would highly appreciate such a treasure… I hope the would go with their guts and release a double album. With their position in music industry it is not a big deal. I can’t understand why they even hesitate.

Oh, they also mention that the one person who they were trying to get for this album, as they did for the last one, was Grace Jones. “She’s still eluding us. She’s hard to pin down.” Well, in that case I don’t suppose we are gonna hear her on the upcoming album.

Their summer tour will include new tracks, so I believe that the album should be out this… summer? autumn? Below you can listen to ‘Twerk’ from their last EP and my favourite song from their last album Crazy Itch Radio – ‘Hush Boy’ with lovely Vula about whom I’m gonna write soon, so make a note of her!

Hush Boy


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