Nothing is what it seems

American LifeCan you remember Madonna‘s ‘American Life’ music video? I mean, the not-edited one. I saw it on TV on the day of its premiere – lucky me, it was the only day it was aired on TV. Of course you can find it on youtube…

A month ago a high-quality version of this music video directed by Jonas Åkerlund leaked to the Internet. But the thing is that it is… the director’s cut! It is about 40 seconds longer than the original version and contains lots of alternative shots. Believe me, it is SOMETHING. To be honest, I think it is one of the greatest music videos ever made.

You can watch two videos below:
the director’s cut that I was writing about (unfortunately, the audio track for that video is a random song – I don’t know why someone did it… Even though it won’t be as powerful as with the right audio, watch the full video with the volume turned down – who knows how long it will be on youtube…);
the other video is an amazing remix by Felix da Housecat – I really like the way he played with the song and changed it!

American Life – director’s cut (make sure that the HQ is on!)

American Life – Felix da Housecat mix

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