Four singing men

Four Singing MenWhen it comes to female singers I can make a long, long list of voices I adore. Talking about singing men… There are only four of them who have voices I could listen to and find it extremely pleasurable. So here is my little ranking.

#4 - Antony Hegharty

Antony Hegarty

#4 – Antony Hegarty

Let’s make one thing clear at the beginning – I don’t like Antony & The Johnsons. Antony’s voice in their repertoire is a bit creepy to me. Don’t aks why, that’s just my impression. The first time I enjoyed him singing was on Björk‘s Volta in wonderful ‘The Dull Flame Of Desire’. His vibrating voice is full of emotions; it’s so strong, so beautiful. Now take his voice and put it on terrific alternative disco tracks. Yes, I couldn’t imagine what the effect would be, but when I heard Hercules and Love Affair I have fallen in love instantly. You must have heard their ‘Blind’ (if you haven’t – I’m going to post it on my blog soon, but it is part of a surprise), in my opinion – the best single of 2008, so I will show you another song with his vocals from this album. Listen to ‘Raise Me Up’ (pay attention to lyrics as well):

Jake Shears

Jake Shears

#3 – Jake Shears

Charismatic vocalist of Scissor Sisters may not have the best voice in the industry, but there is something appealing about it. Funny thing, because when I first heard Scissor Sisters’ ‘Comfortably Numb’ I couldn’t distinguish between his and Ana Matronic’s voice (by the way – she is just adorable!). I like him in cheesy cheerful songs, he sounds so joyful in them and you can’t resist his charm. On the scene he is just wild and he loves to undress. Jake and Ana are just volcanoes of energy, I’d love to see them live again!

Jay Kay

Jay Kay

#2 – Jay Kay

We all know Jamiroquai. Over the years they released plenty of mood-lifting singles, so Jay Kay’s vocals triggers good vibe automatically. Both his voice and style are immediately recognizable. He’s the cool guy.
Oh, and actually he’s the only straight guy in this ranking.

Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro

#1 – Sam Sparro

I’ve fallen in love with his voice since the first time I heard it. In every song from his self-titled album he sounds different – that’s why you can never get enough of him. There’s this extra depth factor in his vocals: no matter if it’s a soulful ballad, an acid dance or terrific electro-pop – Sam always gives us a bit more than maximum. And as you can probably remember from my previous post about him, his life performances are just amazing. If it wasn’t enough that he’s the fabulous singer, Sparro has a unique style inspired by ’80s and he’s so damn handsome. And he worked in public relations. He’s my role model.

Here’s my recently favourite track from his album and the video below that (as he is #1, Sam gets two videos presented here) you can watch a music video of his last single. Enjoy!

    • ruby blue
    • March 9th, 2009

    czytam częściej niż myślisz! masz literówkę w tekście o Antonym (ask!). uwaga o ich orientacji aż sama mi się cisnęła na usta, ale widzę że już ją uwzględniłeś 😉 fajnie napisany tekst, ciekawy i lekko się czyta. good luck with the rest 🙂

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