Sexiest music videos: Ultimately sexy

The Pussycat Dolls in 'Buttons' music video

The Pussycat Dolls in 'Buttons' music video

In the final episode of ‘Sexiest music video’ series we’ll look at amazing bodies, fantasies and heat. Get ready!

The Pussycat Dolls

ButtonsThe Pussycat Dolls are a purely commercial product, but let’s admit that they are a flawless one. They look great, they dance great. And Nicole’s singing is more than decent. The video is heavily dependent on Dolls’ sex-appeal, especially on Scherzinger’s exotic beauty. Look at the colours: there is only black (universally sexy) and skin-like warm beige. And blurry lights, like if there was so hot and steamy… A quintessence of tasteful ‘sexy’ for me.

Untitled (How does it feel?)

D'AngeloNow something for man body lovers.
This video couldn’t be more straightforward. Take a handsome, well-built guy (ok, it is a perfect body… have you seen his abdominal?!), undress him, put in front of a camera, let him sing and you can make a hella sexy video in one shoot. And these close-ups… Oh gosh, haven’t I mentioned before that simplicity often equals perfection?
Okay, it is a fact that there are not that many undressed men in music videos, but if they are… that’s worth waiting for!

Kylie Minogue

SlowWatching this video is like an orgy for senses. Right from the very first second you can feel the heat, like if the slow motion was caused by the thickness of air. Then, you soak in all the incredibly pleasurable visual stimuli: the scantily dressed bodies of young Greek gods, colourful towels, sensual moves… Joined with the pulsating melody and rawness of the song.
The subtly erotic masterpiece.

Hercules and Love Affair

BlindAncient Greece. Mythological mysteries.
Uninhibited orgies. Irresistible thrill.
I love the way Hercules and Love Affair are playing with such a powerful fantasy in this music video. It stimulates the imagination…
And ‘Blind’ is my #1 single of 2008.

Justify My Love

Justify My LoveWithout Madonna’s contribution to music videos, most of the clips that I presented in this series probably wouldn’t exist. She was the one who had the guts to push the boundaries. And when she pushed them, she pushed them really hard. Just like in this video, still banned on many channels. Madonna showed the world that playing with sex can be fun. The problem was that many people took her too seriously and thought she is kinda obsessed and immoral. But I’m sure you can spot the exact moments when Madge winks at viewers…

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this journey and appreciated different angles for representation of sexuality in music videos. I’m looking forward to get some feedback from you!

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