Little Boots

Little Boots

Little Boots

If you haven’t heard of Little Boots yet, you’re seriously behind and you’d better read this post carefully.

Many call her ‘the next best thing of 2009’, including guys from BBC and BRITs. Although I find this opinion quite exaggerated, I have to admit that when she has a single released, it’s damn good. Her debut album Hands, produced by Greg Kurstin (!), will be out on 6th June and I guess that thing become clear then and I would finally decide whether she’s good or just occasionally good.

Her first single ‘Stuck on repeat’ released somewhen in late 2008 is absolutely addictive: once you give in to its pulsating bass and airy synths you realize there’s a warning in song’s title.

It was followed by aggressive and catchy ‘Meddle’:

In a few weeks Little Boots will release her first physical release – ‘New In Town’, her most pop single so far. I’m gonna let you know when the music video is out, so far you can enjoy the song itself:

And here are covers of Little Boots’ EPs, the single and the album. I find their cool theme really appealing, all these shiny geometric shapes, the symmetry, the space, the colours, the collage; it’s just great!


Little Boots EP


Arecibo EP


New In Town SP


Hands LP

It all seems so amazing, so I guess you wonder why I am so hesitant towards admiting Little Boots is brilliant. Well, the non-single tracks that I’ve heard are nothing more but plain. So instead of misjudging her, I’d rather wait for the release of the album.

PS. You can download the album mini mix from Little Boots official website.

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