Sexiest Music Videos: Love Sex Magic


Ciara, Ciara, Ciara, Ciara and Ciara

If this video had been released before I published the final episode of the sexiest music video series, it definitely would have been included in it. Ciara returns with a strong pop hit ‘Love Sex Magic’ featuring Justin Timberlake. Even though the chemistry between them isn’t obvious in the song, the music video emanates with sexuality. Well, when was the last time that you saw two well-established singers licking each other’s ears and chins (what’s worth adding: in good taste)? I can’t recall such a thing, to be honest.
Apart from erotic interaction between Ciara and Justin (actually, he’s quite passive, isn’t he?), there is a horizontal pole dancing (!) and the most stunning lighting effects. I adore each and every frame of this video; it’s an extraordinary eye candy. If this wasn’t enough, you can add Ciara’s amazing moves and genuine sex-appeal to make the picture complete. The music video is directed by Diane Matrel.

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