Open’er Festival / Late of the Pier

Late of the Pier

Late of the Pier

Yesterday, I was on the first day of the Heineken Open’er Festival (it’s my jubilee fifth one!). I saw Peter, Bjorn and John, Arctic Monkeys, Late of the Pier and Basement Jaxx. To be honest, Jaxxes were the only concert I was really looking for yesterday, but I was totally attracted to this amazing band I’m gonna show you today – Late of the Pier.

Four young guys with loads of charisma and electrifying stage presence. I’m not sure how to describe their music. Disco-punk with some glam rock and freaky electro elements? Sounds quite adequate. I was dancing and jumping like crazy at their gig, they were awesome! We all have to give their album Fantasy Black Channel a listen (okay, I’m kinda a year+ behind, but I’ve never heard of them before). They are my huge discovery at this year’s Open’er. You must have a look at their stunning music video directed by Saam Farahmand:

Check them out:

Coming back to the Jaxxes – their concert wasn’t as good as the one I’ve been before, but it was fabulous anyway! And Vula, awww, she’s a one lovely lady! A talented one! Oh, and I’ve heard the second single from Scars but it wasn’t too good unfortunately… But never mind that, I will always love Basement Jaxx, they what the fun is!

You guys stay tuned and I’m getting ready for today’s gigs: Gossip, Duffy, Crystal Castles and the others…

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