How many times can one sing ‘sexy’ in one song?



It’s so damn hard to find decent pop songs these days, isn’t it? Yesterday, when I heard Sugababes‘ new single ‘Get sexy’ I couldn’t stop thinking it’s a joke. It’s not that I expect great lyrics from the Babes, but the ones in this single are BAD and I mean it.

When I listened to the song today I had an idea that maybe it’s so overwhelmingly cliché-ridden in purpose. I hope it is.

Musically it fits into latest trends (‘Boom boom pow’ comes to mind instantly, doesn’t it?), so I guess Sugababes will come back to tops of charts with ‘Get sexy’ but the price is high. I miss good old Sugababes providing rather innovative pop tunes that you’d like with no hesitation since the first time you heard it.

I’m afraid that this song may stay in my head somehow. It’s crap, but the chorus is quite catchy whether we like it or not. I wonder what the new album will be like…

Or maybe I’m wrong, maybe it’s a blinkin’ great song (obviously, you need to raise above the lyrics, no doubt here)?! I’m confused.

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