Oh dear, I’ve seen Madonna!


Last Saturday I went to see Madonna on her Sticky and Sweet Tour in Warsaw. I had a ticket in Golden Circle so I have seen Madonna from about 5 meters! Yes, I guess I’ve never before in my life reached that level of excitement. The show was stunning, there were many moment that I regretted not having more eyes, there was so much to watch: Madonna, the dancers, the screens… Oh, and Madonna looks much younger than in the pictures! I’ve always known that she is a biggest entertainer the world knows, but now that I experienced her power personally I fully understand why she is who she is today.

What can I say, I was in the paradise of entertainment! Below, you can watch a video of ‘Frozen’/’Open your heart’/’I’m not alone’ mix, one of my favourite moments of the show.

Big thanks to Golubioji for being the best possible company on the concert!

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