Ce le bra tion

Here’s Madonna‘s video for ‘Celebration’ – at last! It isn’t a great one, but it isn’t weak too. Just a little bit more than average, I would say. I’m afraid that Madonna has finished the era of stunning music videos with ‘American Life’ (uncensored version, obviously) and ‘Hung Up’. But we never know, she may surprise us all! Not this time, though. One thing is for sure – she looks absolutely amazing! By the way, can you spot her daughter in the video?

Oh, and a little announcement here – sorry for writing from time to time only – it’s summertime and I’m back home, you know, lots to do! I suppose I’d get back to posting stuff on regular basis again by the end of September. Until then it may be quite slow in here. Hope you all won’t forget about my blog by that time!

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