Róisín returns and so do I


Róisín Murphy performing at Victor & Rolf spring/summer 2010 show

Hello everyone! I wanted to return for the new season with some big news and now it’s the time. Róisín Murphy performed a couple of new songs at Victor & Rolf spring/summer 2010 show and they are killers! Instantly, I got so excited about the new album that I could hardly fall asleep that night. Seriously! I’ve got some clips from the show and two another songs from her set at Burlectric, and there is a sleek download for you too, so keep on reading.

By the way, a few days ago – on 5th October to be precise – this blog turned 1 year old! Now let’s celebrate it by listening to Róisín’s new stuff…

Before watching clips from the show have a look at what Róisín herself has to say:

Oh my lord that was terrifying on so many levels, not lest of all health & safety! Standing up on that pedestal in that dress of torture, in sky high heals in front of the fashion world, seven and a half months pregnant, if you listen carefully you can hear the fear in my voice. But I got through it and felt like a super hero, ha!!

By the way, what I performed exactly was a kind of Mega-mix, four tracks in total but only two songs. The first song is Royal T and it will appear on the Crookers album due out soon. Hold Up Your Hands dose not appear here, it is a totally different track but also a Crookers collaboration. The second is Demon Lover and I used two different Mixes crossing over on my second verse. The first version you hear is the original, Co-written and produced with Seiji. The second is a Donaeo remix. Funny how some fans really don’t like the MCing, but you know I love it.

Expect some news about a release very soon and I will be giving you guys song to download for free also, probably “Orally Fixated”. It’s a funny old time what with being up the Duff an’ all and I know this is all running a bit later than expected, so thank you for staying with me, not long now.

Okay, now here are the clips of ‘Royal T’ and ‘Demon Lover’ (the dresses are awesome too – Victor & Rolf designed a dress for ‘Overpowered’ single artwork):

You can download the audio track from the show here.

It’s not the end yet! Below, there are two more new tracks – ‘Momma’s Place’ and ‘Hold up your hands’ – from Róisín’s gig at Burlectric.

Momma’s Place

Hold Up Your Hands

I bet you’re just as excited as I am! I guess we have to wait for the new album a few more months as Róisín will have a baby in a month and a half, so I’m sure that is a priority for her. Unless she wants to have both the baby and the album out simultaneously…

Now that I’ve returned I hope you keep on visiting me more often.
See you soon.


    • Grzeluni
    • October 10th, 2009

    Poor Roisin, as soon as she got off the column to present herself to the public and await the applauze after the show, the public was gone…

  1. November 2nd, 2009

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