Shakira’s new album is actually quite good

Shakira She Wolf

I’ve never been a fan of Shakira as her voice annoyed me most of the time. And so did her music, to be honest. However, I realised that things may be about to change when I heard ‘She Wolf’ single and found out that she teamed up with the legendary The Neptunes to make her new record. I was right.

So considering it’s a heavily mainstream electropop, here’s a review:

1. She Wolf – very good
2. Did It Again – very good
3. Long Time – very good
4. Why Wait – very good
5. Good Stuff – average
6. Men In This Town – quite good
7. Gypsy – poor
8. Spy – very good
9. Mon Amour – good
10. Lo Hecho Está Hecho (‘Did It Again’ Spanish version) – very good
11. Años Luz (‘Why Wait’ Spanish version) – very good
12. Loba (‘She Wolf” Spanish version) – very good

Go and get it. Really danceable.

  1. I like all shakira song and her pic

    LOL she is sooooo COOL LMO!!!!!!!!

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