Róisín Murphy is getting orally fixated

orally fixated

Leave everything and go to Róisín‘s MySpace to hear her new single ‘Orally Fixated’! I wish I knew what it sounds like, but there seems to be a problem with my MySpace player… Hopefully, I’d get to listen to the song some other way. So far I can only stare at this great cover – I count on you to let me know what’s the song like!


I’ve just listened to the song! It’s interesting, but for me it lacks this special Róisín vibe, if you know what I mean… I like ‘Demon Lover’ and ‘Royal-T’ much more!
*** *** ***

It’s a surprise as the first single was rumoured to be ‘Demon Lover’ that we could hear on Victor & Rolf fashion show. ‘Orally Fixated’ will be released on 16th November in UK (one day later in USA). British broadsheet newspaper The Guardian will offer a 48-hours free download of the single, so write it down in your diary!

What the album is gonna be like? Listen to an interview with Róisín (it’s from July, so some things might have changed by now):

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