Lights go down

Just a little poor excuse for not writing for such a long time: studying! I enjoy it, though. The Video Production module especially! I still have loads to do as I’m working with my group on press conference that will take place in a week and a half, so I’m here just to post a couple of new music videos you may enjoy. I have quite a few drafts of nice posts (at least I find them interesting), but I can’t find time to finish them… Hopefully, I will find some time just after I’m done with this conference. No worries, this blog is here to stay!

Basement Jaxx
My turn

Have Jaxxes ever made a poor music video? If they did, I must have missed it – let me know about it, please. I absolutely love this one, it’s so cosy! Simple, colourful, and engrossing. And funny – maybe not in a way that you burst with laughter, but I’m sure you’ll smile a bit (at least inside) while watching it.

Keep an eye on Tomek Ducki who directed that music video, he’s a really talented guy. His videos on his vimeo profile are worth looking at, just give it a shot – click here (I highly recommend ‘Life Line – Életvonal’ – a short movie with touching story and great visuals).

Finally, the song. Brilliant. That’s why I love Basement Jaxx: there is something special about each and every of their songs. No exception here. Irresistably catchy melody, killer beat, and most importantly – soul. Perfection.

Lily Allen
Who’d have known

Lily and Greg Kurstin created an amazing album this year, here’s just another single to prove that. Good concept for a music video; I really liked it, even though not much was happening in there.
I  hope Lily wasn’t serious about quitting the music industry! Who’d be voice of our generation then?


And just to combine the artists above, here’s another perfect song by Basement Jaxx that features Lily Allen on  backing vocals (just listen carefully and you can hear her):

    • bohemola
    • December 2nd, 2009

    hi Esau! hope to join wordpress community soon. hugeHug!

    PS. nice skin of this one btw 😉 see Hemingway, I like it best.
    I found Lily’s video funny. didn’t know she made this neither that she adores Elton John 😛

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