2009 in friends and statistics: Artists

To introduce a bit more variety on my blog, in the beginning of January I asked three of my friends (each of them is truly devoted to music) to look at their last.fm statistics for last 12 months.
In this part you will get to know what were their top five artists in 2009 and why. In the brackets you can find a number of times played.
I’m working on my summary of 2009, it will appear here soon!

nti_sa, Golubioji, teppefall – thank you for contributing to my blog!


(visit her last.fm profile)

1. Grizzly Bear (401)
As for me, they are the quintessence of alternative music. It has all started a few years ago, when I heard ‘Knife’ for the very first time (thanks to my sister).
Their latest album – Veckatimest is my album of the year. I can’t even describe Grizzly Bear’s music, it’s very complex, I love the way they know how to put together specific instruments with accurate emotions. Oh, and lyrics – one can read them as a poem. And they are from New York, what only increases the level of my affection.
It’s a real shame they couldn’t play in Poland this year (due to an accident or something).

2. Radiohead (246)
And again – pure love! They gave one of the greatest gigs I’ve ever been to (in 2009 – only Patton can compete with them). In Rainbows was..oh. Listening to ‘Reckoner’ I almost cried during the concert. In the ’90s they were like wizzards opening a whole new world for us and I think they still have much to say. Their last album has proven that. It was a huge relief for me to find out ‘In Rainbows’ wasn’t just another ‘Hail to the thief’. They step into a completely new category on that album – more electronic one. And they are doing great!
Fans had to wait quite long for a LP but it was totally worth it.

3. David Bowie (240)
This one is paradoxically young. I’ve grown to love him, I would say. Thanks to my sister –  once again. It started with a song – ‘Space oddity’, then was ‘Rock’n’roll suicide’. I was stuck with them for quite a time. I especially like Bowie’s early works from the beginning of the ’70s, love his a bit feminine voice.
I remember when I was younger and I saw a few of those strange pictures where he has make-up and all kinds of colours on his head. Well, I didn’t understand back then that I’m dealing with a legend.

4. Tom Waits (219)
For me he’s even younger than Bowie (in fact, he is – two years). This time it’s all thanks to my flatmate who has his debut album ‘Closing time’ from 1973. I listened to it always when I was falling asleep. Love his voice of a drunker (my sympathy for his wife) and this a bit cabaret thing he likes to perform during concerts. It can be heard on ‘Glitter and Doom’ live album from 2009. I laugh so much every time I hear his story about eBay (where he bought last dying breath of Henry Ford squeezed in a bottle). And he’s a good actor too! My friend says he steals every film he’s in and that’s true. Especially when you think of ‘Dracula’ (Coppola) or ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ (Gilliam). Actually, the last one was stolen by Johnny Depp.

5. Beirut (210)
One of my biggest crushes – Zach Condon. He’s literally an orchestra man. He plays on, I believe, everything and has taste in music that is very similar to mine. That’s why we get along so well. Both Gulag Orkestar and Flying Club Cup belong to my top list. I’d love to know how is it possible he’s so young and knows so much about music. I really admire Zach’s ability to combine folk, indie and electronica in such ideal proportions. Very likely his ‘Postcards from Italy’ song is my all time favourite.
Maybe it didn’t come out so good with his double EP March of Zapotec/Holland from 2009, especially with the second, more electronic one, but I can forgive.


(visit his last.fm profile)

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs (570)
They have been my favourite band since the high school and I love Karen O, that’s the first reason. The next, obvious one, is that they have released a new album It’s Blitz!. Although it wasn’t their best album, I still had to listen to it at least a few times. The last reason may be that I attended their concert in 2009 for the first time ever and I had to prepare well for this event 😉

2. Crystal Castles (338)
I got addicted to those sounds for some time last year, their debut album was my favourite in 2008. Moreover I saw CC live in 2009 and was crazy about them then (I was holding Alice Glass over the crowd during one whole song!).

3. Bat For Lashes (296)
Again: new album and concert. I listened to Two Suns and Fur & Gold a lot last year.

4. The Knife (280)
I just love them = listen to their music a lot.

5. Sleater-Kinney (267)
Favourite female rock band, I listened to them mainly in first part of 2009.


(visit his last.fm profile and his blog)

1. Goldfrapp (4361)
Okay, for this one I think it would be enough to post a link to my last.fm profile.. =P they’re amazing, and I just can’t get sick of them! From Felt Mountain to Seventh Tree I find magic clouds of purple on all of their tracks. As for the total number of plays, guess I’m just compensating the fact I discovered their music on the late 06’s. I’m hoping for a lot more plays on the months to come with their to-be-release Head First!

2. Röyksopp (1518)
So finally their third album came out and it was a total bummer.. Okay, I listened to it plenty of times, and I have some favourites (thankfully for the bonus tracks), but it looks like Röyksopp were abducted by some sort of popish wave and went down a commercial road that is totally NOT them.. However I’m feeling they’ll be back to what they used to be with their Junior counterpart – Senior. Let’s really hope so *crosses fingers for a Melody A.M. II*

3. Róisín Murphy (797)
This Lady was another great surprise this past year! I was only introduced to her music on December ’08 and since then my interest on her kept on rising, specially when regarding her sophomore album – Overpowered – where each track grew up on me like weeds. Allied to that, I saw her live for the first time ever and, even tho the concert wasn’t that
great, it got me stuck to her second album for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, judging by the singles of the new album, this scenario will probably change in 2010..

4. Basement Jaxx (724)
As for these guys, I recall listening to them since their Remedy came out, but I wasn’t too keen on their music and used to listen to it not that often.. That changed a bit when ‘Cish Cash’ hit the radios. Last year, however, when I found plenty of their discography, I re-emerged into their music and fell in love with some of their (new and old) stuff! Plus, my opinion on them drastically changed when I watched their live performance at Sudoeste Festival, which was simply awesome!

5. Empire of the Sun (624)
Okay, I still remember when I first saw ‘Walking on a Dream’ music video I was like ‘Wow, MGMT are finally getting somewhere!’. When I discovered who they real were I had to grab their album and the first six songs were instant favourites! Needless to say I’ve listened to it on repeat mode for quite a lot. One of my top favourite albums.

    • teppefall
    • February 3rd, 2010

    Guess I’ve two different weights and measures regarding the ‘some sort of popish wave’ and Röyksopp/Goldfrapp, eh? Or probably I’m a little bit more flexible with Alison and Will’s band.. Yeah, guess that’s it..

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