2010, come and get me!

It’s really hard to finish off my 2009 summary (I’m actually starting to think about abandoning this idea) when there are so many albums that I already can’t wait for! There are gonna be lots of them in 2010. I’ve been gathering info for this post for a while and, obviously, I couldn’t finish it. However, the first highly anticipated album was released earlier this week, so I forced myself to have this post done so it won’t become completely outdated.

Have a look at my list – I tried to organise it chronological order. Enjoy and let me know of any upcoming albums that I’ve missed!


Album title: Lovefinder
release date: 22 January

Info: I really have to write a decent feature on Novika, as she is one of the most important Polish artists to me. She is linked to every good music and every good music is linked to her. I will surely take some time soon to introduce her properly. For now, you can listen to five of her songs from her upcoming second solo album here and have a look at her music video for first single ‘Miss Mood’ below (the song is great, but the video is terrible…).

Excitement level: 9/10 (I checked who Novika worked with exactly and it’s very promising!)

Edit: Well, that’s what happens when you don’t finish posts on time… I’ve just got my very own copy of the album and I’m listening to the last track – the album ROCKS! Far better than I expected. More info ‘soon’

Groove Armada

Album title: Black Light
release date: 23 February

Info: This album is supposed to be darker than pervious ones, and after listening to three singles from the album I can already tell it’s truth.

Excitement level: 6/10 (I really liked their previous album, but I’m not that keen on the new material… yet?)

‘Warsaw’ (feat. Nick Littlemore from Empire of the Sun)

‘I Won’t Kneel’

‘Paper Romance’


Album title: Fox Box
release date: mid February

Info: Very busy Polish musician (keyboards) who is known for his work with Kayah and 15 Minut Projekt is releasing his solo album with lots of great guest vocalists including Novika, Maria Peszek, Sqbass and my favourite Marsija (from Loco Star).

Excitement level: 9/10 (again: great musicians are involved in the project)


Album title: In The Air (?)
release date: early 2010

Info: Not much really.

Excitement level: 4/10 (I’m not into chillout these days…)


Album title: Sweet 7
release date: 05 March

Info: Sugababes used to make great pop tunes, but this time is long gone. Still, I’m curious what they are going to come up with.

Excitement level: 1/10 (I don’t have high expectations…)


Album title: Tons of Friends
release date: 08 March

Info: Two songs with Róisín Murphy is enough for me to want this album really bad. Especially after I’ve heard them at Victor & Rolf fashion show…

Excitement level: 5/10 (I’m sure I’m gonna love songs with Róisín, but I have no bloody idea about the other stuff…)

Christina Aguilera

Album title: Bionic
release date: 16 March

Info: It’s the most anticipated album for me so far. Aguilera worked with amazing variety of artists on this album: Goldfrapp, Ladytron, Sia, M.I.A., Diplo, Santigold, Switch, Le Tigre, Ladytron, Linda Perry. Put it together with her powerful voice and there is no way the album is gonna be less than extremely exciting. First single ‘Glam’ is set for release in February. I can’t wait!
And if the viral videos turn out to be Aguilera’s promo indeed… oh my.

Excitement level: 10/10 (amazing team of people involved! + viral campaign)


Album title: Head First
release date: 22 March

Info: Joyful uptempo album! What a good news after sleepy Seventh Tree. However, first single ‘Rocket’ (listen on their myspace) is quite disappointing (it’s a grower, though!). But the other track that appeared on youtube, ‘Believer’, is nothing but plain and boring. Level of excitement decreased drastically.

Excitement level: 5/10 (just listen to these songs…)

Scissor Sisters

Album title: ??
release date: March

Info: Scissor Sisters worked on this album with Stuart Price (think: Confessions on a Dancefloor), so if you combine that fact with the band’s quirkiness and their description of the album being “supersexual and sleazy”, you get quite excited already, huh? I am.

Excitement level: 8/10 (Scissor Sisters + Stuart Price + “supersexual and sleazy”!)


Album title: ??
release date: May

Info: I love her a lot, I love her from the very beginning, but the song that she put some time ago on youtube is nothing but booooring, right? Check for yourself below if you missed it.

Excitement level: 8/10 (I love M.I.A.’s music, but the first track is a huge disappointment)

Kate Nash

Album title: ??
release date: Spring

Info: Not much. She’s working in the studio and has some material recored already.

Excitement level: 10/10 (I looove Kate Nash!)


Album title: Calling All The Faithful
release date: first half of 2010

Info: Not much really. All I know from Blissy is that they are finishing the album in the studio (while not touring with Faithless Soundsystem). So far, only a dub remix of new song ‘Sun to me’ appeared (listen below). It seems like they’re going back to their dancefloor roots. Sister Bliss said that she’s just received some great remixes of this track and that she thinks “they are going to devastate dancefloors across the globe”… Oh my, I’d LOVE to see them again at the Open’er Festival this year!

Excitement level: 9/10 (I miss Faithless a lot!)

Jessica 6

Album title: ??
release date: first half of 2010?

Info: Not much. But I can remember coming across the information that album will be released in the first half of 2010. I really enjoyed their single ‘Fun Girl’, check it out below (but you should remember them from my posts… hopefully).

Excitement level: 3/10 (one song is not enough to get excited much for a new band)

Loco Star

Album title: ??
release date: 2010

Info: Yes, they’re working on new material! Marsija told me that I’m gonna love new stuff and I trust her for 100%.

Excitement level: 10/10 (they’re my favourite band and their last album was emotionally intense, really intense for me)


Album title: Senior
release date: 2010

Info: “An introspective, withdrawn, atmospheric counterpart to energetic Junior.” It’s their chance to prove that they are not running circles and copying themselves (that’s how I felt with Junior, even though I liked it).

Excitement level: 7/10 (I just like their stuff, can’t help it)

Back Ted N-Ted

Album title: ??
release date: 2010

Info: Ryan has finished the album. If I have a chance, I’ll ask him for some release details in person on Imogen Heap’s gig on 8th of February!

Excitement level: 8/10 (his Hookie EP was great!)


Album title: ??
release date: late 2010

Info: Not much, sorry. Actually, that’s all I know.

Excitement level: 3/10 (come on, it’s still early 2010 and there are plenty of great albums coming out soon)


Album title: ??
release date: late 2010?

Info: She’s said to work with David Guetta. Well, I’m not to keen on that idea… But you never know with Madonna.

Excitement level: 7/10 (I’m a huge fan, but after Hard Candy and news about collaboration with Guetta I’m not looking forward to new album as excited as I always used to be…)

Kate Havnevik

Album title: ??
release date: 2010?

Info: She has quite a lot of material recorded, she released one EP last year, so I assume she’s going to release an album eventually… It’s about time!

Excitement level: 4/10 (I used to like her a lot, but I think I got a bit bored wit her… maybe I’ve been waiting for new stuff for too long)

Róisín Murphy

Album title: ??
release date: not 2010, sorry

Info: I know you thought otherwise after the release of two new songs, but read the interview here, to find out why there’s probably no chance for the album this year.

    • teppefall
    • January 30th, 2010

    Do I really need to comment about with which ones I agree the most? ahahah, I’m curious about Novika! 😉

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