2009 in friends and statistics: Songs

Ha! I’ve got some posts saved for the times where I’m being in a totally non-writing mood (a.k.a. lazy). This summary of 2009 is overwhelming and blocking me from writing about current stuff. I need to find the way to gave it done and get over it, eventually.

As you remember (unless you have a very short memory or are too lazy to scroll down or you haven’t visited this blog frecently), to introduce a bit more variety on my blog, in the beginning of January I asked three of my friends (each of them is truly devoted to music) to look at their last.fm statistics for last 12 months.
In this part you will get to know what were their top three songs in 2009 and why. In the brackets you can find a number of times played.

nti_sa, Golubioji, teppefall – thank you for contributing to my blog again!


(visit her last.fm profile)

1. Grizzly Bear – ‘Ready, able’ (44; loved)

Best single of 2009 – without a doubt. And a great video too!
It was just that one time I saw that Pitchfork gave 10/10 to a song. I’m really not surprised. ‘Ready, able’ is delicate, ideal to wander with, it just flows and makes you do the same. It’s a bit like a mantra.

2. The Beach Boys – ‘Wouldn’t it be nice’ (41)

I doesn’t square with the rest but it’s still my taste. Love the ’60s! They always cheer me up. Maybe it’s not fair but I always think of The Beach Boys, ‘sunshine pop’ and all that stuff not particularly as music, more..fun.

3. Morrissey – ‘It’s not your birthday anymore’ (39; loved)

His Years Of Refusal is in my top 10 from 2009. First album that made me more interested in Morrissey himself, not just The Smiths (but I still consider The Smiths as his greatest work). This song fixed my glance from the very beginning, later I had a second approach to the whole album. Oh, and I feel more connected to ‘It’s not your birthday anymore’ since I’ve never really liked my birthday.


(visit his last.fm profile)

1. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Heads Will Roll’ (69; loved)
Second single from YYYs’ ‘It’s Blitz’, my favourite song from the album. It explains everything.

2. Franz Ferdinand – ‘Lucid Dreams’ (43; loved)
I usually don’t listen to them, but I fell in love with this song, it’s very long, keeps changing (and getting better) and is soo energetic.

3. Róisín Murphy – ‘Orally Fixated’ (42)
I love Róisín and when this song appeared on the Internet after such a long time of not-hearing-new-Róisín, I just couldn’t stop listening to it.


(visit his last.fm profile and his blog)

1. Goldfrapp – ‘Beautiful’ (227; loved)
Needless to say much, it’s one of their best tracks! To be perfect I’d just need to get a copy of its instrumental.

2. Imogen Heap – ‘Headlock’ (187; loved)
After all, 2009 was the year I was introduced to Imogen. And as I used to say, she does magic with her music! Headlock’s, to me, is just a mere example.

3. Róisín Murphy – ‘You Know Me Better’ (153; loved)
On January 19th 2009, I woke up in the morning and said to myself ‘F*ck, I really want to listen to some Róisín!’ and there, I listened to this track on a loop all day long.. It was an instant favourite (and still is).

    • teppefall
    • February 2nd, 2010

    Okay, I’m a total freak when comparing the number of plays.. =/ I’ll keep on waiting for the artists/bands one 😉 (oh, and how much for the ad? ahah, thanks =P)

  1. It was posted already… :>

    • teppefall
    • February 3rd, 2010

    :O would you believe I missed the feed for that post?! :O checking it now (okay, I should be working.. =/)

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