The mystery continues…

A new video from the mysterious viral campaign has been released a few days ago; it’s the fourth one so far. If you don’t know what it’s all about, read my previous post on it first.

Musically, it’s just as good as the other ones, but it’s my least favourite at the same time. You get more singing in this one. However, people still have no idea who it is. Or I should rather say: they have lots of ideas but all of them have no decent argument or evidence behind them. It’s all random guessing. One thing is quite clear to me now though: it’s not Aguilera. Unfortunately. The voice in the video doesn’t sound like hers at all, the woman in the video doesn’t look like Christina too…

So who is it?! Oh, and the title of that video ( was encrypted into ‘Mandragora’… Still, I’ve no clue. It’s all really exciting, but my patience has limits… I wanna listen to one whole song at least!

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