The Shepherdess

It seems that Imogen Heap never runs out of ideas. At her gig in London, she performed “a live improvised piece of music, where the key, tempo and time signature were chosen by the audience 30 seconds before I started” – Immi said – “I gave it my best shot and began to sing, play and record whatever came into my head.

The experiment resulted in the incredibly beautiful song ‘The Shepherdess’. It’s not that surprising to me as in my personal thesaurus you would find Immi under ‘creativity’. Anyway, there’s a bit more to the song than that – it’s available for download for ₤1 and all the proceeds go to Great Ormond Street hospital.

Why? Because it’s a local London Charity and because when I was one, they diagnosed me with Osteomyelitis. A brilliant surgeon then operated swiftly and saved my little leg” – Imogen explains – “I’ve wanted to thank them ever since.

Imogen said that she’ll do it on regular basis if this one works out. That’s why it would be great if you would visit Imogen’s charity page now and buy the track – you can listen to it first there. Trust me, once you listen you really wanna buy it, because her talent and kindness is captured in this wonderful piece of music.

Obviously, I bought it.

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