Handful of news: Back Ted N-Ted, Faithless and no-idea-who

Back Ted N-Ted reveals some details about his upcoming LP

A few days ago, Back Ted N-Ted tweeted: “It’s official! My full length album will be out April 27th! Here is a peak of the artwork by Ryan Obermeyer“. The cover is below. I find it stunning!

New viral video

Halfway this week, another video from mysterious iamamiwhoiam appeared on YouTube. Obvioulsy, I like the video, but not as much as the previous ones. Maybe I just got used to it. Maybe instead of getting more thrilled I am getting bored. I don’t know. WHO IS THAT?!

Goodies from Sister Bliss and new Faithless song

Sister Bliss made a deliciuos mash-up of some of the greatest Faithless hits:

On top of that, there is a new Faithless single on its way… So far you can listen to a rip of ‘Not Going Home’ radio premiere at Pete Tong’s and some remixes on YouTube. Here’s the rip of the original (dub?) version:

    • bohemola
    • March 7th, 2010

    as you might already know, I liked the Back Ted N-Ted’s EP. now when I’m getting interested in electro-minimalism, I think I should subscribe myself…

    • No, I didn’t know that! I’m really glad you like it, Ryan is such a nice guy. I’m looking forward to have you subscrived 😉

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