Lady Gaga‘s long awaited music video for ‘Telephone’ premiered last Friday and was a huge disappointment. It was said to be epic and Lady Gaga herself said that it’s gonna be so much better than ‘Bad Romance’ (which is brilliant in my opinion). I actually thought that Lady Gaga can bring big pop music videos back to live again. She definitely made a big one, but very poor at the same time.

Ok, let’s watch it first and then review it. It is directed by Jonas Åkerlund who worked with Gaga on ‘Paparazzi’ before (you may also know him from Madonna’s ‘Ray of Light’, ‘Music’, ‘Celebration’ or The Confessions Tour DVD that he directed as well).

The things I like about the video: costumes and some shots.
The things I don’t like: editing, other shots, ‘storyline’.
The things I hate: product placement, inconsistency.

There are some nice bits and pieces, but it doesn’t work as a whole at all. In his review, Ryan James Yezak (I should write about him one day, he made quite a nice ‘amateur’ video for ‘Telephone’) uses exactly the same argument that I do whenever I have a discussion about Gaga’s ‘Telephone’ video, so I will paste it here – I completely agree with him except that he says it’s an okay video after all and I think it’s an awfully poor video:

What do YOU think?

  1. Agreed not the best video from the gaga… I wish it had conveyed a bit more originality instead of referencing snippets from cult films.

    • We’ll see if they take a lesson out of that – ‘to be continued’…

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