Anyone else wants more Kelis?

Okay, I have to admit that I didn’t like Kelis‘ ‘Acapella’ at first (back in 2009), but my attitude has changed since I saw the music video for it… It’s AWESOME. Vivid, slightly psychedelic eye-candy. Directed by Chris Cottam and John ‘Rankin’ Waddell who is a fashion photographer himself. That’s how I gave ‘Acapella’ a second chance and it it grew on me so much that it’s featured as a song of the week. Maybe we shouldn’t be too worried about Madonna working woth David Guetta after all…

Watch it on a full screen, vimeo quality rocks:

I really like her new look; it’s ice-cool, electro ice-cool. And gray hair looks grayt to me. But apart from her looks, I think she takes the whole musical shift to electronica, so popular these days, to an interesting place, unlike loads of former ‘black music’/urban musicians… Good for her!

Okay, now some more good news! You can download a brand new mixtape from Kelis, Queen of Hearts: Off w/their heads, on this website! On the mixtape, you can find teasers of four songs from upcoming Flesh Tone album (coming this summer) and remixes of her previous singles and collaborations (with Crookers, for example), all quite smootly mixed into 25 minutes of electronica. Nice work. Here’s the full tracklist:

I am looking forward to hear more!

    • magda
    • April 12th, 2010

    świetne połączenie afro klimatów ze srebrno-niebieską rzeczywistością. mam na myśli teledysk rzecz jasna
    piosenka prosta, ale chwytliwa, na razie nie porwała mnie zbyt daleko

    początek teledysku jest świetny!

    p.s. literówki

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