Trance music makes the fairies dance

I just had a listen of CocoRosie‘s new album Grey Oceans (you can find it all on YouTube) and it’s really good. I need to listen to it more to be able to reflect on in properly, but I have to post a couple of new songs here…

‘Fairy Paradise’ is a subtle electronica with pinch of less subtle trance… My favourite from the album. I found out that Casady sisters sound amazing against the heavy beats and basslines at the Open’er Festival a few years ago – it was the best gig on the festival that year and one of the best ones in my entire life. I really hope they will be announced in this year’s line-up…

‘R.I.P. Burn Face’ reminds me of a brilliant ‘God Has a Voice, She Speaks Through Me’ that I used to play over and over in summer 2008. Both songs below:

Now that I’ve started thinking about it, I’m dying to see them again! Just watch these two clips from the Open’er Festival… In the first one, especially an ending is kick-ass. In the other one, unfortunately with no sound, you can see Sierra and Blanka dancing wildly to some trance music they played randomly. AWESOME!

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