Miss you less, hear you more

As you probably know by now, ‘Not Going Home’ is the first single from Faithless upcoming album that will be released on 17th May. It’s named The Dance, not Calling All The Faithfull as it was said before; I guess it was just their wake-up call to the fans.

Anyway, the new title got me thrilled – in the context of two songs that we already know – ‘Sun To Me‘ and ‘Not Going Home’ (that turned out to be growers in my case), it is clear that they are going back to their dancefloor-oriented club roots. I don’t have any preferences regarding a kind of music they make, uptempo explosives or downtempo drifters; I just want some more stuff from my beloved band that seeded a grain of electronica in my heart over ten years ago.

The music video for ‘Not Going Home’ is out there for a few days now, but I’ve just found out about it. It’s not the best Faithless video, actually it’s far from their epic videos such as ‘We Come 1‘ or ‘I Want More‘, but it’s their first adventure with animation, so they’re excused. To be honest, I was quite surprised with a psychadelic erotic imagery… It looks a bit like Hed Kandi stuff, which not the most flattering association in my opinion, but well… I’m glad they’re back!

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