New Hercules LP in September

Pitchfork has published an interview with Andy Butler and there is a lot of juicy information! You can (and should use this opportunity) read it here.
The yet-untitled-album should be out in September with one or two promo singles released in summer. Andy also said a few words about new set of vocalists on the album. From the previus team only Kim stayed on board. I didn’t expect that Antony will re-appear, but I hoped for Nomi. However, it seems that she is too consumed with her Jessica 6 project (I need to search for some news about them).
My slight disappointment didn’t last long as Aerea Negrot, a new vocalist, is a bomb too! You can find more information about her in the interview and below is her interesting solo track that I have found on YouTube:

She’s charismatic, isn’t she?! I’m already excited to hear her on Hercules and Love Affair new album! It is also possible that Kele Okereke (Block Party) will be a guest vocalist as Andy had a few sessions with him. If you remember The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Believe’ where se sings, you know he sounds great.

Want more? Read the interview!

PS. Have you known that Andy is gay? I mean, I assumed that, but I just came across a really interesting interview with Andy for a gay magazine while searching for a picture for this post – you can read this interview here.

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