Silver Swans

As you might have noticed, there is not much going on on this blog recently and instead of saying why I will show you why. Together with my friends, I am organising the Film Awards at my university – they are called Silver Swans. It’s a really big thing and I am spending literally whole days trying to make everything looks as good as possible. And trust me, organising such an event from a scratch is hell of a work! But I am not complaining, I am pretty much sure I will become a workaholic one day…

Anyway, you can find a promo clip for this event (with some description under the clip) and a poster below.

This is a promo for the first Queen Margaret University Film Awards – Silver Swans 2010.

The event will be hosted by Matylda Grzelak (Pink is the New Green fashion design competition winner) and Usman Ali (the QMU Boxing Society President) on Monday 19th April.

The Silver Swans event is organised by Maciej Czajka, Ciara Merouan, Sian Downes and Vladislava Lemesevska.

Shot and edited by Ciara Merouan and Maciej Czajka.

  1. April 18th, 2010

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