Aguilera’s ridiculous new video has arrived!

Here it is. Cheap. Tasteless. Sorry, Christina, I’m afraid you’ve lost it spectacularly. I am absolutely disappointed, it is a rubbish music video. Shame on you, Hype Williams, as well for directing this video. It is not sexy, it doesn’t shock, it is not that good visually.

The video lack any trait of originality. We’ve seen it all before: powerful woman watching with a moncle a group of shirtless dancers in the rain (Madonna’s ‘Express yourself‘ directed by David Fincher – one of her best videos by the way), latex fetishwaer (again Madonna with her great ‘Human Nature‘ video directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino – but Madonna took it with a pinch of salt, unlike Aguilera), and suggestive scenes in church (Madonna’s iconing video that I don’t even have to name). And all these nasty scenes – come on, they are just ridiculously bad. We all know you can be dirrty, Christina, but you could communicate your new image in a less direct way. It’s great that you are inspired by Madonna’s videos but I’m afraid you don’t have what it takes to handle this kind of stuff in your videos.

Wow, I didn’t expect that motherhood will have such an impact on her, haha.

And the song doesn’t help at all as it is rather average itself (or to quote Popjustice: it’s ‘shitty’).

PS. This part when she sprays herself with her own fragrance is beyond bad…

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