Robyn talks body, take one

I’ve just realised that Robyn‘s new album Body Talk Pt.1 that is going to be released in mid-June has already leaked to the Internet, so you can find all tracks on YouTube. I had a listen. Quite a nice surprise!

The albums starts with a really good tune called ‘Don’t Fucking Tell Me What To Do’. I didn’t expect that kind of electronica, so extra point for suspense. I believe that songs works best when you’re pissed about… well, about anything really.

Then she turns into a light catchy electropop – this song will get you faster than you think. The version below is shorter than the one on the album:

Then it’s time for the first single that will be out on 7th of June – ‘Dancing On My Own’. Think ‘With Every Heartbeat’, only more pop and less dramatic. Seems like a good choice for promo. There is also a good remix by Fred Falke (okay, let’s face it – have you heard a bad remix by Fred?) out there, feel free to google it.

Okay, two more songs and I will let you explore the rest on your own. ‘Dancehall Queen’ is a joyful tune, but I expected a bit more character – it’s produced by Diplo after all… Fortunately, collaboration with Röyksopp, ‘None of Dem’, heads into slightly darker place and I quite like Robyn in such repertoire.

To put it briefly: not a bomb, but better than I expected. I’m looking forward to listen to Body Talk Pt.2 and Body Talk Pt.3 that are scheduled to be released later this year.

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