Glitter galore!

It’s about time to present the film I made together with my friends for Video Production module. As we weren’t working on professional cameras this year (it’s happening next year, woohoo!) and the films are not screened at the cinema (which is also the case next year!), I decided to experiment a little and make sure we have fun on the set.
It won’t be much of a surprise for you that the film looks partially like a music video, will it? I hope you will enjoy it a little despite a few flaws – they’re mainly what I can see now after spending so much time working on the video, but I guess it’s a good sign to see your mistakes and figure out how you could avoid them (for a future reference).

Mind Game

Let’s start with the main feature – ‘Mind Game’. To put it briefly, it tells a story of a bored tour guide at the QMU open days who uses her playful imagination to make it through the day. ‘Mind Game’ was nominated for the QMU Film Awards (Silver Swans) in four categories: Best Editing, Best Cinematography, Best Actress (Sian Downes) and Best Publicity. It won the Silver Swan for Best Actress. This film also won the second place in the People’s Choice Awards, losing with my friend’s brilliant film by only a few votes.

I believe it is a great opportunity to thank some people:
– my great crew: Sian, Steph, Matylda, Christina, Johnny for your devotion to the project and all the fun that we had
– Graham and Walid for technical support and tips
– Magda, Jędrek and Ciara for being excited with me

For the full description of the video, credits and some promo materials click here.

As you can imagine, we had a lot of fun making the film… Here are the bloopers!

Stuck in the Moment

Before we started work on ‘Mind Game’, we had also made a short continuity video ‘Stuck in the Moment’ for Video Production too, so here it is as a bonus together with some bloopers.


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