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Scissor Sisters

Are you hungry for Night Work yet? I am. I have just discovered a website, where you can listen to the full album versions of ‘Invisible Light’ and first single ‘Fire with Fire’ and a couple of remixes for each of them.

For ‘Fire with Fire’ click here, for ‘Invisible Light’ click here.

I can feel that ‘Fire with Fire’ will be one of my summer anthems, so I bet there’s gonna be a post about it in the right time… For now, have a listen of great remix of ‘Invisible Light’ by Stuart Price:

Kylie Minogue

‘All the Lovers’ is out there for some time now, but here is something even better: an extended mix by DirtyHands. Another summer anthem and another track produced by Stuart Price. Isn’t he a genius? This piece of the song starting in 4:54 is such a killer!

If we put the aforemontioned songs together with Lady Gaga’s ‘Alejandro’, it’s seems like we have a camp summer with a strong feel of ’90s, doesn’t it?

Tim Exile

Tim has started an affair with video blogging recently and I’m more than sure it’s worth following. In the first entry he talks about his idea for introducing (even more) interactivity, moving to London and starting a series of workshops once he’s settled down in a new studio there. I’m definitely going to one of these!

This blog made me realsie how much I miss Imogen’s vblogs… Hope she’s going t start a new ‘series’ when she’s working on a new album! Oh, and ‘making of Ellipse’ DVD will be coming out soon, by the way – Immi keeps on tweeting about it recently…


A couple of days ago, there was a premiere of quite a nice music video for ‘Dancing On My Own’ which is quite nice itself too. But I have to say that earrings attached to the shirt is a rather risky idea to me. Directed by Max Vitali.

If you haven’t heard it yet, you have to check Fred Falke‘s remix of that song – I prefer it to the original version:

  1. Obczaj też Invisible Light w remiksie Siriusmo – mniaaam : )

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