Hang with me

Long time, no see! It’s pouring rain outside and I felt like writing again, eventually. I had a couple of exciting music adventures in June, a few great albums and music videos have been released in the meantime, so there’s a bit of catching up ahead of us. But we’ll get there.

For now, let’s have a look at a very fresh music video from Robyn that promotes a second installment of Body Talk trilogy. It will be released on 6th of September. If you had a listen to the first album, you probably know the acoustic version of this song by now. It’s much better in the original version, at least I’m hooked on this one. What I like about Robyn the most are her melancholic danceable tunes; they fit her perfectly.

However, it is the music video that played a key role of the song growing on me so much. Beautifully shot (I love the softness of pictures and colours in this video), editing is like a pulse of the song’s vibe, and the story – kind of a documentary – goes with the mood so well. Max Vitali, who also did Robyn’s previous video ‘Dancing on my own’ that I like a lot too, directed the video. My guess is that he also shot (regarding the practical aspect of making this particular video) and edited (as he worked as an editor before, for example on Madonna’s ‘Nothing Really Matters’ directed by Jonas Åkerlund) the video as well. Anyway, I’m becoming a fan of his work.

That’s it for now.

Oh, and I think I’ll abandon the ‘song/album of the week’ idea as it’s really hard for me to make it up to date recently… But it will be replaced with something else.

    • writersblokc
    • August 9th, 2010

    I think I’m getting more and more hooked on Robyn’s music lately.. There is something there that’s really emotional but uplifting at the same time. Dancing on my own is stuck on repeat for days now and I think Hang with me will have the same luck 🙂 The video is amazing, as well, the colors and the editing and the pace, all match the song perfectly.

    Thanks for sharing, greetings from London.

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