Catching up

Long time, no see! But well, it’s summertime, right? ‘Laziness’ is the key word in my case, even though I wish it was ‘work’ especially on a creative level. For example, today I spent my noon in bed watching Nigella’s heavenly food porn. Does it get lazier than that?… I’m a kind of person who likes being on the run – the more I have to do, the more I want to do (and usually I actually use this hype and DO something). However, it works the other way too: if I have nothing to do, no routine, no schedule, no projects – I just can’t make myself to start doing anything. A vicious cirlce.

Luckily, it’s not that slow in music this summer. Here’s a little briefing:

Sam Sparro, my well-known crush on every level, premiered his new song on East Village Radio. It’s called ‘Pink Cloud’ and it was made by Sam himself and Jesse ‘Golden’ Rogg who you should know from ‘Turn The Radio Off’ podcasts. Don’t get too excited though, as it’s more of a dub/unmastered version of the song with hardly any vocals from Mr Sparro. Funky ’90s vibe is present all over the track and it’s not exactly a surprise if you’ve listened to any episode of aforementioned podcast series. The good thing is that the finished version of the song will probably serve as the first single from Sam’s awaited sophomore album. You can listen (and download!) the song on the radio’s website here. Enjoy!

Scissor Sisters premiered a music video for ‘Any Which Way’ – a second single from terrific Night Work. The song is one of my personal favourites from the LP, it reminds me of ‘Filthy/Gorgeous’ a little. The video itself is not exactly good (I expected so much better), but it’s camp in the only way I like it – the Scissor Sisters way! And Jake… oh my, Jake is gorgeous! Obviously, so is Ana!

Staying in a topic of camp, M.I.A. embraces tainted romantic stuff in a music video for ‘XXXO’. Quite a shift from ‘Born Free’ video imagery. It’s perfect in its wrongness and it makes me like the song much better now. And it looks stunning in HD quality. Directed by… Hype Williams. Well, well, well…

That’s it for now, stay tuned!

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