Forgotten Drug

Ooops, it seems like I forgot about one important point in the last post: Röyksopp revealed a track from soon-to-be-released (September 13th to be precise) Senior. ‘The Drug’ is described by the duo as follows:

This highly synthetic drug is the latest craze. Gentle and appealing at first. Repeated use will result in severe personality distortion. Hear that little sound in your head? That ever decaying little “melody”? ..That’s your mind going..

And here’s the song:

My friend said it’s “too simple and monotonous” but I don’t agree at all. I’d rather describe it as atmospheric and hypnotising. Guys from Röyksopp explain on their website that

Senior was written as a complete set of tracks, each designated to take a specific part in the bigger piece. All individual tracks have been made with the intent of coexisting with the other tracks on the album

so I bet that this ‘monotony’ will be justified by narrative. Just a random thought: it reminds me of Deadmau5 a little.

Just in case you missed more promo materials for Senior, I present a weird (not in a cool way… in my opinion) video “Röyksopp’s Adventures in Barbieland” and an artwork for the album – judge for yourself.

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