Feelin’ Sold

What a nice advert! Wait… What? It’s a music video? No way!

Not that a good video could help the song much, but come on, Fiat’s product placement in this video hurts my eyes. Especially when I remember some of Faitless great videos like ‘We Come 1‘, ‘I Want More‘, ‘Bombs‘ or  ‘One Step Too Far‘… They were all epic. And a video for ‘Fellin’ Good’? Such a shame. I wonder if it’s that Faithless had some kind of financial problems that they went for a promo contract with Tesco and now Fiat, or is it a new target audience that they want to reach. The Dance should not happen, as a fan for ten years or so, I feel really disappointed with what Faithless are today. Even traditional Dido collaborations failed to help. Still, I keep my fingers crossed for them!

    • writersblokc
    • August 16th, 2010

    To be honest, faithless to me is insomnia. Haven’t followed their discography so much ever since, so when I heard The Dance it felt like same old, same old. Basically they’ve been using their vocals trademark over and over, with different music. Especially the low and high pitch thing they do is getting really annoying. I thought Dido could make a difference, but then he started talking.. :\

    The video looks really nice, btw, well shot but it does feel a bit like a sell out.

  1. Hello again, thanks for commenting! 🙂

    Well, if you haven’t followed their music since ‘Insomnia’, then you missed out on some really good stuff! You should listen to ‘Outrospective’, ‘No Roots’ and ‘To All New Arrivals’, they are my top 3 Faitless albums.

    I wouldn’t mind if ‘The Dance’ was a journey back to their origin, actually that’s what I hoped for, but the album is really flat and lacks any edge…

    Looking forwards to your future comments on this blog! 🙂

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