Kate Havnevik: new album is on it’s way

Finally, some news from Kate Havnevik! If you haven’t listened to her debut album Melankton from 2006, or you just want to refresh your memory – have a listen here.

Kate has finished recording her second album and now she needs to have it mastered, manufactured and then released, eventually. To get the funds for that, she joined PledgeMusic.com.

It works like this: on Kate’s profile you can find a list of the things you can buy to support her – whatever you buy, you also get a download of a project once it’s finished. The items you can purchase vary from signed CDs, VIP show passes, handwritten lyrics, to Kate streaming a concert to you or singing at your wedding! The number of each item is limited and so is the time for your support – it ends in 60 days, so you’d better hurry!

And now, let Kate explain everything in her own charming way:

I think it’s a great alternative for independent or new artist finding funds for releases, but it’s a real treat for fans as well! As Kate says, it’s kind of an invitation for a journey together. I’m definitely jumping in!

To visit Kate’s PledgeMusic.com profile and see all the goodies, click here.

  1. I had never heard of Kate Havnevik before but I have to say I really like her sound. It’s like Dido meets Bjork; she has that sweet, warm voice but there are tracks that are darker than others. I will definitely check out Melankton and hope everything works out alright for her new album.

    Oh, and thank you for the welcoming comment πŸ™‚

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