We Are The World

This is quite a spooky band. We Are The World make some dark heavy electronica, I would even say it is on the edge of techno sometimes. Their first video ‘Clay Stones’ presents rather disturbing imagery, but somehow captivating at the same time. Interesting mixture. Same happens in the audio dimension: the music itself is, well, ‘catchy’ doesn’t seem right, but it is very recognisable and if you like this kind of mood in music, you will probably fall for them; on the other hand there is this awkward vocal that you may find hard to bear with in some songs – at least I find it this way.

Their second video, ‘Fight Song’, is not just as good, but it goes well with the music. What I like about the video is the quality of pictures and lightning, but there still needs to be something more to it to make a good video.

Oh, and Lady Gaga likes them. Just so you know. I wouldn’t be surprised if she got inspired by them.

As much as I like the eery vibe on Clay Stones album, I wonder how long will I put up with it on a larger time scale.

If you got intrigued by We Are The World, click on the album cover on the right in the ‘All That Glitters 2010’ section to listen to the album preview.

  1. I do not like it. Like at all, I find it disturbing, not so much because of the videos but because it doesn’t do it for me I guess. I find no rhythm, no melody or something ‘catchy’ that would otherwise make me want to go deeper in the music.

    Something that the new Florence+the machine song totally nails, btw. If you haven’t checked heavy in your arms yet, I suggest you should, you’re going to love it – i hope. That and Illuminated, by Hurts – these are my latest addictions šŸ™‚

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